Organoids Kit


According with the new international ethical guidelines, which suggest to reduce the number of in vivo experiments, new in vitro models that recapitulate the physiology and anatomy of living tissues are strongly requested in medical research. Organoid as an in vitro 3D cellular cluster derived exclusively from primary tissue, embryonic stem cells or induced pluripotent stem cells, capable of self-renewal and self-organization, and exhibiting similar organ functionally as the tissue of origin. The “Organoids Kit” was designed at  Biofuture Medicine by leading developers of molecular kits in the field of cellular biology to be upfront with this philosophy. 3D-organ cultures represent the future of biomedical research in which scientists could test their hypotheses in different field of interest including cancer, obesity, neuroscience, cardiovascular disease, environmental risk and nutrition. Due to their experimental approaches and tools, the applications of organoid cultures cover various fields such as:

  • Disease and tumor modeling
  • Drug development and screening
  • Organ replacement and tissue regeneration
  • Host/microbe interaction
  • Genetic editing
Product Cat.# Price
Colon Organoids Kit (Mouse) #BFM-001-001 Request Price
Colon Organoids Kit (Human) #BFM-001-002 Request Price
Oviduct Organoids Kit (Mouse) #BFM-001-003 Request Price
Oviduct Organoids Kit (Human) #BFM-001-004 Request Price
Liver Organoids Kit (Mouse) #BFM-001-005 Request Price


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