Early Drug development

Drug Devel Drug Form Special Cell Cult Mouse Models Early Drug Devel
  • Hit identification, hit-to-lead and lead optimization

Biofuture Medicine makes available computational tools to address and support drug discovery research projects, starting from hit identification to lead optimization. Depending on the available experimental information, ad hoc modelling approaches will be applied among a wide range of tools including ligand- and structure-based modelling (pharmacophore, 3D-QSAR and docking), molecular dynamics, physicochemical property prediction, homology modelling and library design.

Furthermore, Biofuture Medicine offers competences of chemical synthesis, in order to meet drug synthesis needs of small organic molecules, such as for example customized libraries of compounds, on-demand molecules, large-scale synthesis of compounds. These services are provided thanks to suitable equipment and facilities needed for the synthetic processes, for both classical and advanced synthetic methodologies.

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